History of the Society

The Society was formed in 1968 by a group of Welwyn residents who wished to make a movie record of the village. The founding members of the Society included Doug Wheale and John Collings, who were enthusiastic amateur film makers, James Burnett, a leading member of the Welwyn Society and Leonard Parkin, the broadcast television journalist and ITN newsreader. Until his death in the early 90s, Leonard contributed his script writing skills and trained voice to the films which gave them a professional feel. In 1988 the chairmanship of the Society passed to Andrew Brown who is a professional film maker. He was able to make video copies of the society’s eight millimetre films, and facilitate the change to shooting and editing on video tape.

The Welwyn Parish Council has always supported the Society, and donations from the Welwyn Wailers and Welwyn Festival Group have helped with the purchase of equipment. As the word 'record’ in its name suggests, it is not primarily a society for film makers. The object is to film scenes, events and people within the parish of Welwyn and edit these annually into a half hour film. The Society does not distribute copies of its annual films, although 20 year and 25 year compilation films were offered for sale during those anniversaries. One object of this website is to make available to a wider audience clips from the annual films.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR NEW MEMBERS and would particularly welcome anyone with script writing skills. We also need help with video editing and are looking to attract someone who can use PC based editing software. If you are interested please contact Andrew Brown or Keith Davidson or Ron Thurman – details on the contact page.